Monday, December 31, 2012

Lingerie makes me feel great

Adriana Lima has shared the essential lingerie items she is hoping to receive over the holidays.

Adriana Lima says great lingerie is an "essential" for her over the festive season.

The Victoria's Secret model shared the things which really help her feel in the holiday spirit.

Adriana said just as she likes to receive gifts she equally enjoys giving them to others.

"It's is the time for giving, and what I would like for myself, and also what I would like to give to my friends and family is some lingerie!" Adriana revealed to Modelinia. "It's is an essential part of a women's life, and it really helps boost your confidence."

The catwalk star also revealed her favourite lingerie items she loves to receive. Adriana gushed that she is a sucker for anything red and lacy.

"One of the things I actually used in the show was the Angel pushup bra, which I love because it is perfect for the holidays!" Adriana exclaimed. "I love all of the lace because I'm a girly girl and red is the definitely the colour for Christmas, plus it's very sexy."

The sexy star shared her style tips for the festive party season. She explained how starting with good underwear is key to looking fabulous all season.

"For a woman, it's definitely very important what you wear under your clothes," she finished. "So I think that's the most important thing - what you wear underneath."

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