Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Russell Crowe On Dating Dita Von Teese Rumors

Russell Crowe has denied the rumor that he and Dita Von Teese are dating.  

Just in case you wonder how the dating rumors between the two have started, the truth is that a New York Post item claimed they were "holed up" at the Four Seasons Hotel last month, at one point supposedly getting a "romantic couple's massage together."

It has to be noted that Crowe and Danielle Spencer went their separate ways after nine years of marriage last October, but Russell has explained that he and Spencer were working on their marriage. Last month Crowe was wrongly linked to Billy Joel's ex-wife Katie Lee.

Russell Crowe himself wrote on Twitter about the report: "@DitaVonTeese is brave, smart, sweet and elegant. She is a friend of mine. Who wouldn't want friends like that? Friends, not lovers."


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