Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Is This The Best Cover Letter Ever?

Matthew Ross, a 22 year old Undergraduate at San Diego State University wrote this amazing Cover Letter that is being called "The Best Cover Letter Ever"!  He candidly admits he has "no special skills" and was hoping they would "make an exception" by considering him.  From The Daily Mail:

The finance student who penned what is being called the 'best cover letter ever' that took the internet by storm is set to be rewarded for his honesty as Wall Street bosses said today 'he is just the person they are looking for'.
Matthew Ross, a 22-year-old undergrad at San Diego State University, sent a refreshingly sincere cover letter by email yesterday that went viral.
Rather than inflating his qualifications and bragging about his grades or past job experiences, the humble applicant simply stated his case and matter-of-factly asked for an internship - even if it meant shining shoes.
He added: 'I have no unbelievably special skills or genius eccentricities.'
And today it appears that the 22-year-old's bold approach has paid off, reaffirming the old adage that honesty is indeed the best policy.
Ryan Bouley, an investment banker at Duff and Phelps, to whom he sent the email, said if someone with Matthew's qualities were to come on board, he certainly would not be shining shoes and said he is just the type of person the company are looking for.
'His candor, humility and willingness to roll his sleeves up and work hard to get the job done are all qualities we think represent our firm.'
Mr Bouley said the company have been in talks with Matthew about a possible summer internship and are 'excited about the possibility of bringing him on board'.

Ingenious: The undergraduate finance student penned a refreshingly sincere cover letter this week asking for an internship at a boutique investment bank on Wall Street

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