Tuesday, November 20, 2012

J.Crew + Black Friday = 25% Off?

"Thanks!" to Lisa (in this post) who shared the following with us:
FYI -- J. Crew is doing 25% off everything for Black Friday. My SA told me this evening...
"Thanks!" to Sonia (on the JCA FB page) who shared the following with us:
I was in the store today and the sales lady said that thanksgiving sale will start on Wednesday! Sweaters won't be marked down any further than they are now but other stuff will be on sale. Enjoy :)

This would be a great offer for shoppers in stores. Especially since J.Crew needs to move some merchandise. (Every time I step into a J.Crew store, I am not seeing a lot of shoppers at the cash registers.)

On a related note, I am curious if J.Crew will be running a similar promotion online too. That would be great for me, as I have no interest in going anywhere near a mall or shopping center post-Thanksgiving. I know some shoppers love the thrill of finding that coveted item on super sale among the crowds. However, I am not one of them.

While we are talking Black Friday, J.Crew Factory sent an email today announcing prices will be up to 50% off. (It sounds like everything will be 50% off, but that is how they get you! Key phrase: "up to". Not sure how many items will really be priced at half off...) This offer runs from November 21st through the 25th in stores.

What are your thoughts on the promotion from J.Crew for Black Friday? Did you hear about the same promotion at your local store? Did you hear something different? If so, please share! :)

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