Friday, November 16, 2012

Quick Comment: JCA is Not Affiliated with Any Other Site

Hey JCAs, I wasn't planning to post this, because I was hoping to ignore it altogether. However, I am receiving a lot of emails/comments about it as many of you are getting emails today from one particular site/company.

So I thought it would be best to address it: I do not post about or endorse any third party websites, research groups, or marketing firms, on the JCA Blog that helps them make money by using the JCAs as a free marketing tool. (I even removed the ShopItToMe badge a long time ago for that reason.)

I have been contacted by at least three different individual companies over the past two years who have started sites that claim they can notify JCAs when items are on sale, to provide online reviews, and create wishlists in exchange for JCAs to test it or to sign up for it. Frankly, I do not know if these individuals/companies are legit or not. (And I am uncomfortable with the idea of a random person/ company trying to use the community as an information resource and to make money off of.)

Lastly, I am always a bit irked when I see the emails from these individual companies with terminology that this blog's community specifically uses (like "JCA", "J.Crew Aficionadas", or even "drinking the crewlade"). Only because it comes across as though they are some how endorsed or related to this blog. (It is kind of sneaky on their part.) Let me make it clear, they are *not* endorsed by the J.Crew Aficionada blog. However, I totally get the confusion and why so many JCAs sent me emails to inquire about it.

I hope everyone can understand my position about this. And for the companies trying to pursue this community, I hope you can respect that I prefer to not be used (even indirectly by using the JCA/J.Crew Aficionada term) for your profitable endeavors.

P.S. I never give out any JCA's personal information, including email addresses, away. NEVER. So if you get an individual/company randomly reaching out to you today (or any day) who sounds like they might be affiliated with the J.Crew Aficionada blog, please know it was not supported by me and to proceed with care.

P.S.S. I have heard from several JCAs that an email sent today from one particular site/company sounds like it is from an official J.Crew affiliated site. I can assure you, J.Crew will never use the terms "JCA", "J.Crew Aficionadas", and the like, for any public related material/sites as J.Crew likes to ignore this site altogether. ;)

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